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Animal Collective 

Stage , video and lighting design 

AC video design 2022
squares design AC
AC design 2022
AC video design 2022
Sirius xm
paper video
Paper video
"Painting With" Fiberglass Heads
Radio show Live Broadcast Projections
Avey , Desert Days video and lighting Design 2019
"Painting With " Stage Design
Prospect Park Tiki heads "MPP"
Hollywood Bowl
Skeleton Stage Prop
Desert Days 2019
The Late Show
"Painting With" Stage Design
Ballet Dancer Cut Outs, 2019
Mouth Stage Design
Molds for Fiberglass Heads
2019 Video content
"Painting With" Backdrop and Heads
Mouth inflatables
Pitchfork Music Festival
Rock Face stage prop
Crystal Stage Design
Desert Days 2019
Prospect Park Sea Set
Australia Backdrop
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